About Us

Our Story

Deeply rooted in our Mediterranean and Palestinian heritage, the name “Figs” Lab was inspired by the strength, beauty, and resilience of the fig trees of our childhood. When we were just boys, our grandparents had a fig tree that grew strong and wild under the Mediterranean sun. While other plants would wilt and shrivel in the heat, the giant green leaves of the fig tree used to beckon us to it’s shade, as we snacked upon the soft, sweet fruits. Year after year, the fig tree was chopped down as they tried to control its growth, but every season it grew back stronger and more resilient than before.
In the same way, we believe that a good brand must be strong, uniquely beautiful, and resilient. As markets fluctuate and new challenges arise, your business must do more than survive. At Figs Creative Lab, we build strategies and campaigns that will withstand the test of time ensuring your business has the tools it needs to flourish and thrive. 

Our Philosophy

At Figs Creative Lab, we use the F.I.G.S Philosophy to develop marketing plans and build brands that don’t just follow trends – we break the mold! Building innovative, inspiring and strategic campaigns and content, we help your business stand out from the crowd. Our philosophy is driven by four fundamental principles:
We are brand innovators and we approach every campaign with fresh eyes and new ideas. Our team is passionate about creating exciting campaigns that translate to a better customer experience and improved brand loyalty. Check out our infographic below to learn more about the FIGS Philosophy…

Our Philosophy

The Anatomy of Figs Lab

Forward Thinking
In a competitive market, you need courage and creativity to excel, we are passionate about delivering new, daring, forward-thinking ideas that help your business stay ahead of the curve and out from the crowd!
Figs Lab Image
Growth & Adaptability
As markets change, your business needs flexibility – not only to survive but to thrive. We design marketing strategies that help you adapt and grow in a rapidly changing world.
Good marketing showcases how your brand, your message, and your product of services can make your customers feel good about themselves. We develop inspiring campaigns that deliver a magical customer experience.
Marketing is more than just a pretty logo and a few social media posts. We product research, perform analytics, and develop air-tight strategies to deliver wildly successful marketing campaigns that will crush the competition.


To be the most trusted, goal oriented, and customer focused marketing advisers to our clients.

Marketing Adviser

Our consultants are your trusted advisers that offer ongoing invaluable business coaching and tools beyond marketing deliverable to grow your business.


Customer Focused

Customers are the focal point of any business. You “the client” are our number one priority and so are your customers.

Goal Oriented

Strategic and goal oriented approach to help you achieve your business goals. Building brands for business sustainability and the future.

Our Founders

Firas Kaddoura
Firas is driven by the bottom line. As customer research and brand development expert in the retail and consumer goods space, he knows what works and is passionate about helping business owners meet and exceed their financial goals. With many years of experience in agency and consulting with executive management on business models, management practices and creative development, he helps clients build the right formula for growth and success.
Mohammad Kaddoura
Mohammad is excited by novelty and innovation! A business and marketing executive with expertise in building brands and immersive marketing experiences with such giants as Starbucks Coffee Company, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, Mohammad is a bold thought leader and is passionate about utilizing digital transformation and unique marketing strategies to help brands amplify their strengths, improve audience reach, and stand out from the crowd.

Our Team

Mariam Kamel

Mariam Kamel

Head, Digital Marketing
Fresh MBA in hand, Mariam is driven by client success! She takes pride in providing the best possible outcome for her clients. She has also applied her skills and further developed professionally through several marketing internships and jobs, ranging from brand management to digital marketing, which has deepened her fondness for the intersectionality of marketing and technology.
Kelona Hamilton


Ke’lona is passionate about storytelling and gifted in connecting with the hearts and minds of your customers. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from USC, and as a Certified Fundraising Manager through Indiana University, she has many years of experience as a marketing and communications specialist, crafting copy and designing campaigns that convert to higher customer retention, stronger fundraising and increased sales.